Spotlight Photos for From the Hip!! and Member Voice for The Letter S!

As I was looking around at all the "shooters" posts, I am noticing the perspective of the shots. I really rather like it!! I think I will try shooting more from mid height. This theme has given me an idea for another theme. What do you all think of "What my toes see", shooting ground level. 

 Anyway, on to the "spotlight photos" in no particular order. 




 Peggy QMM


 The next two photos are fantastic shots from the hip but also show what Rebecca was talking about in her last photography post.

"A tip for improving the composition of your photos
is to think about the lines created within the image.
Lines in your photo have a way of leading the viewer's eye through the photo.
As you compose your photo, try to look for these lines
and use them to your advantage."


This coming Friday our theme is "The Letter S". What in your town starts with the letter S? I just opened the dictionary to the S and I see squash, squall, spring, sporty, spot........... turning the page .............. sucker, sublime, slowpoke, slurp, slum, saxophone, scale, satisfy. You get the idea. I use the dictionary quite a bit. 



  1. I enjoyed this challenge more than I thought I would. Great shots everyone.

  2. SAMBA!
    carneval starts this weekend.

  3. I like the idea of toe level, like flowers that are coming up out of the snow (crocus?) but getting down and up may be a bit of a problem..... I'm game for anything though.

  4. lol Monica. what about setting the camera down and then take the pic. or set the camera on a box, so it is still low, below the knee level. ??


  5. These are fantastic. I'm so disappointed that I forgot to shoot from the hip while I was in Nelson. I hope I can get some good S photos this week. I guess I better get out of the house and start shooting.


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