Spotlight Photos * Hats * and Member Voice for July 1st ~ Simplicity ~

Hats! Hats you say for a theme for a shoot out about your town? Well, it does seem that it would be difficult to do, but I really enjoyed seeing everyone's Hats from their towns. Here are the Spotlight Photos in no particular order, as always.

EGWow - bee hat

 Jama - cowboy nephew

 Kim - top hat

 Mark - yes! she is wearing a hat Mark!! :-)

 QMM - derby hat

A very fun shoot out!!

Our theme for this Friday, July 1st is Simplicity. For this theme we are using one of Rebecca's posts "Double Takes With Rebecca". Simplicity. Click on the link to check out her post.

The saying "less is more" is often true in image composition. The photo is often more beautiful and effective if unnecessary elements are left out of the frame. A common mistake is to try to include all possible things in one photo. It is often wise to include only one clear center of interest into the photo.

Look for ways to give the center of interest in your pictures the most visual attention. One way is to select uncomplicated backgrounds that will not steal attention from your subjects.

So my fellow shooters go out into your towns and find one simple subject to focus on and have fun!



  1. Thanks for that, Doreen. And to Rebecca for her Double Takes.

    Do you mean we should post just one photo to illustrate simplicity? Or one subject shot several ways?

  2. both Pauline! you can show a single shot or several. I went out last night after posting this and tried to shoot simplicity. I don't know if I got it right but I tried! I think I need to go out shooting again.........


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