Spotlight Photos on Town Tour

We have all enjoyed Mark's humorous take on 
presenting spotlight photos for us, 
but as Mark posted here
he needs to take a break while packing and moving. 

Would anyone like to take a week to do spotlight photos?
You just need to select the photos 
that speak to YOU and share them with US. 

Just like this... 

From Singapore Jama shares the night scene 
tourists and locals enjoy.

 That was easy right? 
Here's another...

A couple castles made the scene this week.
This one by Libby is in Ohio 
and mine was in Pennsylvania.
 Not quite expected in the states. 

No we are on a roll...

I love that Pauline took us behind the scenes 
and into rural life.

And who doesn't love an arboretum?
Especially one with interesting things like this one 
shared by Peggy from Kentucky.

Those European towns sure attract me 
and Italy is no exception! 
Marina shared these illuminated lights popping up around town. 

And there you have it. 
Easy as pie. 
If you would like to take a turn sharing spotlights 
just leave a message below. 
You can even pick the week you want to spotlight 
just include that in the message. 


  1. I'm not surprised there's been no rush of folk eager to follow Mark in choosing the Spotlight photos. He's a darn hard act to follow. I'm willing to give it a go. BUT I must stress I have no photography knowledge (although I'm learning slowly, thanks, Rebecca). And don't let me choose the topic, I'd be here all day. Although I'd prefer not to do Patriotic Celebrations.

  2. Hi Rebecca I will be glad to take a week. Do you have anyone for June 23rd I have already done my post. If you do just give me any week. I want to test my eye.



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