Thursday, August 9, 2012

Friday My Town Shoot Out for 8/10: Children

Photographing children can be a challenge, 
but also lots of fun. 
Here are some tips we posted previously.

Philadelphia Baby Photographer

Now it is your turn to share the children in your life.

I am away and have limited internet.
This week is auto posted -
hopefully linky will show up.
Otherwise, please leave your link in the comments.


  1. That little one looks like he intends to grow up fast!

  2. Wonderful Instructions Rebecca. I learn to squat done when I photograph children, I do a lot in school.

    Last week, I posted, but had computer trouble, so it wasn't linked. FSO is one meme I love most, and will try to post even when I am away and have no internet access.

    This FSO is the best.

  3. am running late AGAIN - today we travel to Salavador, Bahia. Maybe will post from there next friday - the maybe being about internet connection more than desire. hope to get to each of your posts over the next couple of day. hugs from Rio


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