Spotlight: Winter in My Town

Houston had a weekend of glorious weather.  4 days, including today, in the high 60s to mid 70s, not wintery but for me perfect. We once again had posts from wet to dry, from icy freeze to balmy breezes, a fair representation of winter worldwide.  I missed those that didn’t post for our winter and hope to see them all next week. 

 As I usually do, I pulled a photo from each post then go through those as a group to see if anything pops out, a trend or something of special note.  I loved Peggy’s post this week.  It was really about her town in the winter.  I have ask her if she will write something to spotlight her town on January 21 (the date is negotiable).  I happen to know her town, have traveled through it and have some photos and strong impressions, but for those of you that don’t know, I hope she will accept the challenge and will tell us more about its name, location, history….  (how is that for pressure, lol)  She can say NO, but then I will have to ask someone else… prepared or better yet volunteer.

Also, we heard from Pauline from high above the Andes on her way for a vacation in Brasil.  I hope we hear, and see more from her this month.  I hope to hear her impressions in contrast to what all my post from Rio showed over the years.

Please comment about topics you would like to see on the MTFSO over the next few month.  For those of you who did not see the post visit my mid-week post.

And Finally this week’s spotlights: Two extremes of weather

DSC_0281 a spirit of simplicity
A Spirit of Simplicity’s frozen salt water.  It looked like it froze as the wind blew its surface – literally white caps (capped).
1-Willow - Barbs raging river
Barb’s raging river in the warm Southwest.

Next MTFSO – Jan 17: Rustic (old or ancient) Details - What is really old in your town? Share with us details that show the history of your place. Don’t get stuck on the word rustic, which usually relates to country or countryside; One example that comes to mind would be the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas or old barns, factories….. the choices are endless.    
Bringing us the Spotlights will be Peggy


  1. Beautiful selections, i like the play between yellow and blue in the first one.

  2. I just wanted to let you know that the salt water froze in ripples like that not because of the wind but because of the waves! Amazing isn't it. It's all thawed out now. I don't expect it will freeze again for many years.


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