Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"Spotlight Photos" for July 23 - Feet and Shoes!!

Sorry for being a little late. I guess life and family happens whenever it decides to. 

 I think a favorite of many of our shooters last week was Cindy's baby shot. Look at those cute little feet!




Another powerful photo from Gigi


 Feet and Shoes was a fun post for sure. Thanks to JarieLyn for the suggestion of that theme. I think now when I am out and about I will look down more often to take notice of my surroundings. 

 This week the theme is "Things That Barry Made Me Think Of" suggested by NanU. 

 And just a reminder for all the shooters, feel free to send me your favorite suggestions for "Spotlight Photos" each week.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

July 30 - Things That Barry Made Me Think Of

 July 30 theme "Things That Barry Made Me Think Of" suggested by NanU.

As an Explorer I was always on the go. However, in my English Pram in 1945 I had to wait for Mommy Power to get me moving.
picture and words from FMTSO Classics of Childhood.

 I visited Barry's blog An Explorer's View of Life. This is his first post.

Saturday, May 31, 2008


I have a philosophy of life.

That sounds a little pretentious. But I'm not unique in this, nor is having a personal philosophy of life elitist in any way.

You have a philosophy of life as well. It may be more elaborate than mine, it may be better reasoned, it may even be more passionately held. Or your philosophy may be more felt than articulated, less well organized and may contain more elements destined to cause you harm.

But either way, you cannot escape having a Philosophy of Life that guides you and protects you in important ways. My life's philosophy has led me along certain pathways to certain destinations.

It has led me into an exploration of life. It has led me here.

Over the next few weeks and months I want to share this philosophy with you. Feel free to join me.

Or not.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sad News.......

Barry Fraser, one of the first FMTSO shooters has passed away. He will be missed but not forgotten. I am sure I speak for all of us that knew Barry all of our thoughts and prayers go out to Linda, his children, family and friends. 
this is a photo I had saved in my spotlight album that Barry had posted on one of our shoot outs

Rest in peace Barry........

We will be doing a special tribute shoot out to Barry the 30 of July. "Things That Barry Made Me Think Of".

Monday, July 19, 2010

Spotlight Photos - Transitions

This was a great theme and we have Redlan to thank for that!! It was so fun to see all the posts and different takes on the theme. Thanks to all who participated.  

 I am just in awe of this waterfall!! (and the little people)  




This week the theme is Feet and Shoes by JarieLyn. See previous post for her Member Voice.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

"Member Voice" by JarieLyn

JarieLyn has chosen the theme for July 23, Feet and Shoes.

In her words...... 

Often times it seems that our vision is one dimensional when looking for scenes to photograph.  Most of us have a tendency to focus on what's straight ahead of us instead of what's above us or below us.  I thought it would be fun to photograph feet and/or shoes because just as you can see personality shine through on the faces you photograph, you can also capture personality in the shoes people wear.  After all, the shoes we choose, the way we walk, the colors we wear adds to the complexity of our persona.  So, I urge you all to get creative and snap photos that appeal to you visually and creatively.  There is no right way to shoot this subject.  Make it whimsical, serious, commercial, fun, turn it into fine art......whatever fancies your vision.  I look forward to them all.  And most important, have fun!

(spotlight photos tomorrow and be sure to read Redlan's interview)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"In The Limelight"

Redlan has agreed to be our guest for this month's "In The Limelight". You can find his spot in the world at Redlan Web of Arts.


When did the photo bug bite you?
-Since I was a kid, I really like looking at the photos that every time I visits the someone's house I scan the photo albums.  Photos remind me of special people, memorable moments and beautiful places.

What was your first camera and what do you use now?
-I had an analog filmed Kodak camera when I was 8 years old given by my sister.  I only have Canon digital camera at present time.

Have you ever taken any photography courses?
-How I wish I've taken a photography lesson.  I am that kinda busy working 6 days a week and still working at home in Sundays.  I know everyone can take photos but it's really better to learn the how's and what's the best in capturing something as a photo subject.  For now, I am just learning photography by photo sharing and photography ideas from other online photographers.

What inspires you to turn on the camera, the gotta have it shot?
-I inspired to take photos of cute little creatures, admirable people and beautiful views around me.  You can't replay anything visible to the naked eyes; you can't go back and take a shot for the second time around.  I also inspired of others' beautiful captured photos posted online.

What is on your equipment wish list?
Maybe DSLR of any brand.

Have you missed an awesome shot because you didn’t have your camera with you?
-On May 15, 2010, I noticed Venus appeared so close to the moon. It was mistaken as being inside  the crescent moon.  I was out and too bad I was not able to bring my cam with me.  My best friend even texted me asking if I saw the beautiful moment in the sky.
 "the  photo of the real view captured by my friend."



Blogging since ……
-I am blogging since May 30, 2007.

Why  did you start blogging?
-I was a follower of a vegan Prince's blog.  And he encouraged me to blog too.  It's sad that he stopped blogging already.

Is there a story  behind the name of your blog?
-My favorite color is red.  And I coined it with Lan to come up a codename.  Redlan-that's my virtual name.  I am into arts and I want to share it on the web.  REDLAN'S WEB OF ARTS that is.

What does  blogging mean to you now?
-Blogging really means to me.  It's like my personal journal. I can write everything on it.  Moreover, I found virtual but real friends.

What advice would  you give to a new blogger?
-Be yourself.  Most of the readers love to read personal posts.  Avoid blogging about negative things unless it turned positive or there's a lesson to learn from it.  Personally, I love to be inspired reading blogs.

Do you have a  favorite time of the day to write posts?
-I am a night owl blogger.  I like to write a post when no one is disturbing me, no sound disturbance.  Most of the time, I write the post in rough drop before typing it.  I prefer doing it coz there will be no time in thinking and pausing while typing a blog post.

Have  you set any goal about your blog? Anything you want to achieve with it?
-I don't have goals in blogging now.  All I want is to share my personal experiences and the things I learned and at the same time learning from others' blogs too.  And I already achieved to have a domain name and that is REDLAN'S BOOK OF LIFE.


If  you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?
-First, I want to explore the whole 7,107 islands of my country.  For the record, I only visited the neighboring islands around my city.  Of course I want to go around the globe.  I would love to visit the cleanest country in Asia which is the country of Jama.  The greenest NZ where Ann and Pauline live.  The historical countries in Europe.  GingerV always entice me to visit Brazil.  And honestly I wish to come in the USA.  It's my ultimate dream since I was a kid.  :-)

What  would you like to teach others?
-I am usually a follower and a learner.  I prefer not to teach but to share.

Which  adjectives best describe you?
Loyal.  I am loyal in everything including friends and when it comes to foods and clothes.  It is hard for me to trust new friends and to try new things.  But I am open to changes.

What is  happiness to you?
-Happiness to me is when the people especially those who are important to me at their best.

What are your basic stats  that you would like to share?
- I am a pure Filipino and I am gay.

Besides  blogging or photography, what is your favorite thing to do?
-I love to do crafts and I like the beach!

Favorite saying or quotation:  (or any comment you would like to make)
-"Experience is the best teacher."
-It's the best experience for me to part of the FSO group and be interviewed.  I really like to join the photo theme every week but sometimes am kinda busy at work.  With photo challenges, I learned to appreciate the nature fully and to show my own city as well.

FSO is not just a photo-sharing.  It's actually builds nations and friendship  We communicate and interact each other..  I wanna thank the founder Patty and Shabby Girl who are the founder of this group.  The administrators namely:  GingerV, ChefE, Gordon, Jen, Sarah, Doreen and the rest of the members.

Thank you guys and Mabuhay from the Philippines!

(Redlan sent me the photos with his interview)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

FMTSO Theme for July 16 - Transitions - Member Voice by Redlan

Words by Redlan...
"Our town has full of transitions.  Things are always changing and evolving.  Situations that seem stable and constant can change in an instant or over days, weeks, months or years.

I completely believe that photography and telling the story of transition while you are in it, or before or after you go through it- has a huge, positive impact.  When you embrace the opportunity to capture an event or a series of events, you're making layout memories to your own experience of transitions.  This is priceless and powerful."

 I think what may help here if you have a photo that you can bring out of your archives, and now that may be different, changed, evolved today. I am probably missing the mark but this may help some of you.

 Tomorrow watch for "In The Limelight".  

November 2009

June 2010

Sunday, July 11, 2010

~ Spotlight Photos ~ Celebrations In Your Town ~ and "Members Voice" by Redlan

Hi Shooters!! 
Another great display of photos. I don't know how you all feel but I just LOVE our Friday Shoot Outs. I really enjoy the visual perception our shooters show us of their communities. I also LOVE learning about life in other communities. We get to know each other as friends and I look forward to your visits each week. Enough of my feelings........ 
on to the spotlight photos!!
(in no particular order)


 Manang Kim






Fabulous posts everyone!!
 Our theme for next week is "Transitions" by Redlan.
(in his words)

"Our town has full of transitions.  Things are always changing and evolving.  Situations that seem stable and constant can change in an instant or over days, weeks, months or years.

I completely believe that photography and telling the story of transition while you are in it, or before or after you go through it- has a huge, positive impact.  When you embrace the opportunity to capture an event or a series of events, you're making layout memories to your own experience of transitions.  This is priceless and powerful." 

Happy Shooting!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

News and other stuff........

Hi Shooters!! 

 Just a few dates to watch for:
 July 14th "In The Limelight"

July 27th "The Beginning"
 How FMTSO got it's start from Patty herself. Patty was kind enough to fill me in on it all. 

 Other news, please check your member link and make sure it is working correctly and going to the right page that you would like it to. And if you are a new shooter and not on the list, please let me know. (luckebabe (at) hotmail (dot) com) (coded to prevent spam. change the (at) to @ and the (dot) to .)
I have found quite a few ideas for future topics by our good friend google. So I can keep adding them for weekly themes if you all don't mind. FMTSO team is always open for suggestions. So don't be shy and send them in!
If you have a theme coming up that was suggested by you, send me a members voice about the topic and what it means to you. It will be posted Monday or Tuesday of that week. Thank you!

I think we will have another awesome shoot out this Friday and it will be so fun to see everyone's interpretations. See previous post for the theme and tons of ideas to shoot for. 

Have a great week shooters!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Theme for July 9th

Hi Shooters!!

 This weeks theme is fireworks or your favorite town celebration. This can be anything such as: 
 a special day
 an event 
 a ceremony 
 a festive event 
 a display 

 any joyous diversion 
 gala affair 
 Hope this has given you all some ideas to go out and shoot this week!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

~ Spotlight Photos ~ Urban Macro ~

It was so much fun seeing everyone's interpretation of this theme. To see the little worlds inside of our world that maybe we don't notice very often. This has made me more aware of what is going on around me and thanks to everyone that participated.  






For our Shoot Out July 9 it is Fireworks or Celebrations in your town by the Town Blogger Team. (for the US, how did you or, how does your town celebrate the Fourth of July)

Have a fabulous week Shooters!