Thursday, June 28, 2012

Friday My Town Shoot Out for 6/29: A Picture that Tells a Stry

Thanks to Peggy who will be doing the Spotlights for this theme. 
If you would like to do Spotlights for next week's theme, 
post a comment below! 
We just need a few fill ins until Mark returns. 

Spotlight photos - Strange and Unusual Signs

Block your ears while I have a little hissy fit.  After having some weird technical difficulty accessing this blog to post the Spotlight photos from last week, now on Thursday I finally manage to access it.  Yeah, that's right, the first time I do it and I couldn't do it.  Blame the Irish in me for that comment.  

Apologies to you all for the delay.  That’s not the best way to start my first attempt at choosing the Spotlight photos is it?   I swear I’m a carrier when it comes to technical glitches.

I wouldn’t want to be doing this every week.  It’s not all that easy.  I tried to keep in the front of my mind that it was strange and unusual signs that I was looking for.  And I was constantly reminded that what I find strange, others might not.   So I’ve chosen shots that caught my attention for one reason or another. 

For example, I have never heard of a Compact Car.  
Although now that I’ve looked it up I realize I probably should have. 
Welcome to FSO to Love2Bs.

compact car
 I’m afraid I’m one of those people who quite often doesn’t see signs until I practically trip over them;
that would probably be me sitting on top of a warning sign! 

 Suzy’s Little Blue Penguin sign I feel would be unusual to most of us. 
Not many of us have such delightful little flightless birds living in our midst.

Little blue penguins
 Obviously others have too many cats.  So many that they throw them at walls. 
No, Jama, I do think I know what the sign means but my sense of humour
keeps asking where should I throw them then?  

Don't throw cats
 I liked Loredana’s treatment of her Spiderman shot. 
Thanks for drawing my attention to him. 
A rural person like me would not be looking at a bus, but up, up at the overwhelming surroundings. 
Yet, there he was setting out to scale the building.

 Nothing left. 
Except Barbara’s forlorn nothing left to steal shot.

nothing left

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tutorial: Complementary Colors

Complementary Colors are found on opposite sides of the color wheel
as shown below. 

When placed next to each other, 
complementary colors make each other appear brighter 
by creating maximum contrast.

In art and graphic design, 
using two complementary colors together
is said to create a more aesthetically pleasing image. 

Keep your eyes alert for scenes that contain two opposite colors on the color wheel. 
Our upcoming July 27 theme is for 
photos containing two complementary colors. 

We will be looking for photos that are predominately 
Blue and Orange, 
Yellow and Violet, 
or Red and Green 
and so on...

Get close to exclude other colors from interfering with your image.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

FMTSO for 6/22: Signs

This is a fun topic... 
unless you live in a perfect town like mine with no goofy signs. 
So I cheated, and found this one online here.

In case you missed the news, 
Mark is taking a break from Spotlight Photos while he moves.
If you can help out for a week or two 
please leave a comment. 
I started a little box to the right of the guest authors 
who will fill in until Mark returns from his new diggs. 
Anyone is welcome to guest author...
no experience required. ;)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Spotlight Photos on Town Tour

We have all enjoyed Mark's humorous take on 
presenting spotlight photos for us, 
but as Mark posted here
he needs to take a break while packing and moving. 

Would anyone like to take a week to do spotlight photos?
You just need to select the photos 
that speak to YOU and share them with US. 

Just like this... 

From Singapore Jama shares the night scene 
tourists and locals enjoy.

 That was easy right? 
Here's another...

A couple castles made the scene this week.
This one by Libby is in Ohio 
and mine was in Pennsylvania.
 Not quite expected in the states. 

No we are on a roll...

I love that Pauline took us behind the scenes 
and into rural life.

And who doesn't love an arboretum?
Especially one with interesting things like this one 
shared by Peggy from Kentucky.

Those European towns sure attract me 
and Italy is no exception! 
Marina shared these illuminated lights popping up around town. 

And there you have it. 
Easy as pie. 
If you would like to take a turn sharing spotlights 
just leave a message below. 
You can even pick the week you want to spotlight 
just include that in the message. 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Spotlight Flickering -- Needs Help

I have some good news and I have some bad news.

BAGMAN (sarcastically):  "Very original."

The good news is that just when we were giving up and taking our house off the market, it sold.
The bad news is that having sold our house, we have to move.   We are assuming (i.e. hoping desparately) that our new house will be ready by then. 

In any case, from now until then, I expect to be packing, yard sale-ing things we don't want or can't fit in the new house which is a bit smaller, packing, throwing out junk, trying to figure out whether something is junk or not (you never know when you'll need a third back-up pipe wrench)...

BUTLER: "Mark!  Stop!"
"What?"  I reply, stopping.

BUTLER: "You're writing your own blog on the Friday Shootout site."

"I am?"

BUTLER: "Yes.  Remember that you were just going to ask for help."

He's right.  The point of this post (I digress too much to get to point easily) is that I doubt I am going to be able to do the Spotlight Photos for a couple of months.  I even missed the Friday Shootout, itself, for the first time since last December. 

BAGMAN: "Don't forget to mention that we volunteered to do it for you!!"

"Yes, Baggie," I reply.  "But you and Butler don't actually have fingers and mine are going to be busy packing.  (And trying to figure out which of the 8 different nail clippers to throw away)."

I am so sorry to have to ask if someone else can take over for, at least until the middle of July.  I've been so excited to see the Shootout growing and attracting new people and to watch talent blooming and...

BUTLER: "And the Friday Shootout, like the rest of the human race will get along perfectly well without you."

"Thanks, Butler, for the humility reminder,"  I reply with a poor attempt at modesty.


Anyhow, I'm sorry to back out for awhile but a thousand cardboard boxes call me.  I look forward to posting occasionally and keeping up with FMHSO whenever I can.  And I know I have everyone's support and I love you all.   I'll see you when I can.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Friday My Town Shoot Out for 6/15: Town Tours

Give us the highlights tour of your town!

Japanese Tea House, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Spotlight Photos - Interiors

"Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more."
                                                        William Shakespeare

With a deep breath and copious amounts of false bravado, I enter the B&B Studio to choose this week's spotlight photos.

BAGMAN (noticing the stress in my eyes): "You take this thing way too seriously, Dude.  The FMTHSO is your family.   They will be happy with whatever pictures you spotlight.  You could put on a blindfold and chose the spotlight photos like pinning a tail on a donkey and everyone will be happy.  It's not like you're Len Goodman on "Dancing With the Stars".

BUTLER (looking up from a pile of statistical spreadsheets):  "We had 15 participants this week!  That's 10.429% above our year-to-date average of 13.583 participants per week."

BAGMAN: "Is there going to be a quiz?"  

BUTLER (ignoring him): "And we also have another new participant - Marina and her Primo Piano!"

I take another deep breath and make a snap decision.  "Why don't you guys handle it this week and I'll go back to bed."   I close the door behind me. 

BAGMAN (shouting from behind the door):  "Okay!  We just will!  We don't need you anyhow!"

BUTLER (quietly to Bagman):  "Actually, we do, my Baggish friend.  We're part of his psyche, remember?"  

BAGMAN:  "And I'm the best part!  I'm the Ego.  And we'll have fun fun fun 'til our Daddy takes the T-Bird away!"

BUTLER: "Actually, according to Freud, you are the Id..."

BAGMAN: "Go suck an egg!"

BUTLER: " in IDiot."

BAGMAN: (posting a picture):  "A little less talk and a lot more action..."

Terri's Mesa Verde Shot

BUTLER: "That's an Exterior!"

BAGMAN: "It's a batch manmade interiors inside a natural interior!  It's a perfect win-win."

BUTLER: (posting another picture):  "My turn!"

redana's Blue Door

BUTLER: "Simple, orderly, rule of thirds, rule of space -- my kind of photo."

BAGMAN (posting):  "Hmmmph."

BAGMAN: "Now this has energy and mystery...all those books...and a figure in the background.  I like the adult section, myself.  And I've always been attracted to librarians."

Marina's chairs

BUTLER: "I wanted to welcome Marina and thank her for posting to FMTHSO.  Besides, I like the geometric patterns and they way one flows into the other like one of M. C. Escher's prints.

Bagman posts his next choice:

Ann's Church

BUTLER:  "A church?  You surprise me, Mr. Bagman, with your choice of a church."

BAGMAN:  "Passion, Butthead!  Passion!  Ecstasy!  There's nothing dull or boring about spirituality!  Spirituality can get your blood flowing faster than sexuality.  Although I do admit that I'm intrigued with nuns.

While Bagman is talking, he steals Butler's last turn and posts his own instead:

Bobbie's School

BUTLER: "HEY!  That was my turn!!!  

BAGMAN: "You snooze, you lose."

BUTLER:  "Besides, I love the shot too but you can't post it because... (Butler checks his statistical sheets) ...because we spotlighted Bobbie last week!"

BAGMAN:  "Who says you can't spotlight someone two weeks in a row!?"

BUTLER:  "Well, we don't really have a rule about that but Mark has usually tried to avoid in order to spread things around."

BAGMAN: "Well, Mark's not here, is he?  So there!"

BUTLER: "Hmmm.  Maybe I'll write a rule for the future."

BAGMAN: "You do that, you wimp.  I'm off to spend the afternoon at the library." 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Friday My Town Shoot Out for June 8: Interiors

Show us something from the inside.

Inside the Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia, PA
now serving as a museum.

Please note that posts not related in any way
to the theme will be removed.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Spotlight Photos - Rule of Spate

This week the planets alligned and the Rule of Space blasted us forth with a galaxy of talent!

BUTLER:  "Before you continue, Mark, maybe you want to tone down all the space puns that are running through your head."

Well, okay.  But we did  get 19 linked blogs include one person, who if I'm not mistaken, has gravitated into our orbit for the first time.

BUTLER (pointing a warning finger): "Mark!"

What I appreciated most was how the variety of shots gave me so much more insight into the Rule of Space.   I had always simple-mindedly seen it as a flat, 2-dimensional, left to right kind of thing.  For some reason, I never thought of it as up and down, or in and out.   Or that things could be moving out of the space as well as into it.   Or that there could be several "spaces" in one picture.

Take Pauline's "People in the Field" shot, for instance -- the Rule of Space was demonstrated in at least five different ways.

BUTLER: "Wait a minute!  I'm looking at your plan for this blog and you are going to break your "Rule of Six" and post seven pictures!

Butler is right, of course.  But I decided I could get away with it if I defaced Pauline's picture and pretended to use it as an example.   That way it wouldn't actually count toward the six limit.  To see the original without the ugly yellow lines, you can go to Pauline's blog

So now, pretending that the picture above doesn't count as a spotlight...

Welcome, Bobbie!
Focusing on the lollypop and creating
a tension about who is going to enter this space
and pick it up!

Scriptor's In-coming Car
I hope he got out of the way in time!

Cheryl's Outgoing Blue Heron
I've always cropped birds flying into space.
Thanks for helping me rethink that!

Accentuating the space with raindrops!

Suzy's Lake Scene
Serene Space - time stops - Ahhhh

And Jama's wonderful boat
I really loved this one...
Probably because this was fit my original interpretation.

Okay - next week's theme is "Interiors."    I can't wait to see what we all come up with.   At least we won't have to worry about the weather.