Sunday, February 28, 2010

Spotlight photos ‘One Year Replay

Birthday celebration by Kathy

Starting with Kathy’s birthday celebration this week’s shoot out was quality all the way.


Mark and B&B’s photo op in Cemetery

and Chef E’s painting the town RED a Self portrait were both told with their usual fine humor





Cemetaries by Mark & B&BChefE paint your town red...

  Faces by Sarah

Sarah with her favorite topic of Faces





QMM showing us her ‘old Kentucky Home’

My old Kentucky Home by QMMWater by Jama

and finally Jama once again in the spotlight with a beautiful stop-action Water photo that could also have been captioned Classics of Childhood

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

1st Anniversary - ‘My Town’ Friday Shoot-out

One Year in Photos

This has been published on YouTube for the public so you can pull it off and save for your own use or enjoyment.

If I missed you please send an email to me and attach a photo telling me which week and which topic it was from and I will try to add you to this slide show – otherwise just sit back and enjoy

The first annual Friday Shoot-out slide slow

Monday, February 22, 2010

Friday's topic -

This week we are celebrating a full year - 52 weeks of topics. Join us all in celebrating by going back to your favorite topic or one of your most favorite topics because if you are like me - I've enjoyed many. I have a few where I took so many photos I wasn't able to post all of them so I can go back to post my left-overs. I would love to see some of the old-timers replay with us. Just go to MrLinky link and enter your URL to let us know you've come back. By the way this week will be my personal 50th post - haven't missed one all year.
The attached photo is my first one on March 13, 2009 - Topic - People - boy is this just like a Brasilian -

A Question from Kerry

On Good Friday our topic is 'Bokeh or Hands by T’ and Kerry the excellent player that she is looking ahead and asking, "Is there somebody out there who would like to coach us on how to get the bokeh effect, using simple digital cameras?  It would be fun to know."

DSC09261 A quick look in says, "In photography, bokeh is the blur, or the aesthetic quality of the blur,  in out-of-focus areas of an image, or "the way the lens renders out-of-focus points of light."  Differences in lens aberrations and aperture shape cause some lens designs to blur the image in a way that is pleasing to the eye, while others produce blurring that is unpleasant or distracting— "good" or "bad" bokeh, respectively. Bokeh occurs for parts of the scene that lie outside the depth of field. Photographers sometimes deliberately use a shallow focus technique to create images with prominent out-of-focus regions."

Who can tell us more? please email the response if your not on the 'bloggerTeam' and I will continue a series of posts....
and this brings another question - should this have been two topics "Bokeh' and Hands. T let me know and I will adjust the list....

I have no clue if this is an example of Bokeh – but its got blur and color which please MY eye.  

Addendum from Comments:

Rebecca says, “I don't use a point and shoot but you would want to get your camera to a wide aperture - which means you either need to shoot in manual or aperture priority and select the lowest number you can for the aperture or use macro option. The lower the number the wider the aperture. Focus on something in the foreground, the further it is from the background the more out of focus the background will be. To get those circles of light, there needs to be points of light in the background such as Christmas lights, candles, water drops reflecting...etc. I have some examples on my photo blog:”  and “Ginger, your photo would be an example of motion blur - you caught the movement. Bokeh is a focal blur.”

DSC_4168So Rebecca is this more like it?  this was using a auto setting – will try your suggestion with a manual – oh, now I am nervous I never use manual settings.

Ginger V

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Spotlight photos – Friday Shoot out Plazas

This week we had somewhat of a quiet turnout, just as much quality just not as many, 19 compared with 25 for Aquariums and 37 for Circles. I thought this was a good topic, there are many ways of of interpreting PLAZAs, 'There are military plazas, parks with dancing ‘plazas’ (pavilions), even food courts in shopping centers could be considered a meet and greet place for the modern teenager. Here are a few of the photos that I thought represented different ways of interpreting our modern ‘plazas’. GingerV

District Plaza by Redlan

District Plaza by Redlan
Ann from Auckland, New Zealand

Open air concerts and lectures
by Ann in New Zealand
Heather's Battery Park

Heather’s Battery Park
Jama in Singapore

Apartment’s Community center
Kerry in OreganKerry’s seals waiting for the paradeScriptor Senex troop return

Scriptor Senex – Return of the troops
Platt 55's farmers market Plot 55 – Farmers Market

the meeting of old with new by Pauline

Meeting of the old with the new
ceremony by Pauline

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Future Topics and other notes of business

Please stop by and see the Future topics at a glance at the top of the left side panel. I put up the list through the 16 of April because I will be traveling from March 7 through mid April and may get stuck someplace with no Internet - but your list is taken care of. I have the schedule done through May but will only put it up towards April 1st, just in case changes need to be made.
If your topic is coming up and you want to post a member voice, just send me an email with photo attached in the week before and I will get it up on the blog for you. I will no longer send out private email to ask for your 'voice' - if you want to say something just send it to me. Okay?
Also with Jen taking a break I will be looking for the Spotlight photos for a while. For some of you that are newer to the group the 'spotlight' photo feature was started by Gordon to show some of the different ways the towns were shown or the topic interpreted, and he tried to pick different entries each week, allowing all particpants to, at one time or the other, be in 'the spotlight'. There was never an intention to make it seem that these photos are 'the best', to add an element of compitition to our posts, just letting everyone be seen and appreciated as part of the group. I hope to continue with this as the object of our spotlight photos.
We could still use another member of the BloggerTeam if your interested.... If you ever find yourself saying..."it would be better if ...." either to yourself, on your blog or in a comments, then you are the person we are looking for.
Have a great month and enjoy these new topics.

Member Voice - February 19, Town plaza by Redlan

It's an honor for me to be a host this week’s FSO. 

DSC_3926 Plaza is a Spanish word related to "field" which describes an open urban public space, such as a city square.  It’s the space where a large crowd gathers during public occasions or crisis.  The plaza remains a center of community life that is only equaled by the market-place.  In modern usage, a plaza can be any gathering place on a street or between buildings, a street intersection with a statue.  It’s a center of a town/city or a certain place.

Thanks again.  I am excited to see everyone's town plaza photos. Redlan ( aka - Rod Gelarde)

Photo: Plaza in Madrid, Spain – by GingerV

Monday, February 15, 2010

Aquariums Spotlight Shots and a See you Later (gator!)

As many of you read on my blog when you visited, I will be taking a little break from photo blogging. It's begun to feel like a chore, and that has stifled my desire to do it, which has frozen my creativity...what little of it I have anyways. :)

I still plan on posting, but not daily...and not regularly. I will be back, but for now, this will be my last spotlight shots post.

Please enjoy this week's spotlight shots, in no particular order:

J9's ray:

Kerry's really cool fish:

Mark's dream fish:

Scriptor Senex's shark:

Barry and Linda's Jellyfish:

I'm not disappearing from the blog world, just taking a step back and some time for me. It's been awesome participating with this group, and I'm going to miss it. That's why I'll be back - you all are wonderful! Every single Shoot Out has been amazing, I hope you all know how talented you are!

See you soon...

Monday, February 8, 2010

Circles - Spotlight Shots

What a great theme! And the photos - all the photos were fan-tabulous! I'm sorry I'm a tad late this week, but it sure was a pleasure visiting y'all!

In no particular order - the spotlight shots:

Patience Please:



Sarah (Cottage Garden Studio)




Excellent shoot out all - looking forward to next Friday!

Member Voice - ChefE on Aquariums

February 12 - Aquariums by Elizabeth
An Aquarium or fish tank can come in many different shapes and sizes. Common types are glass and acrylic. We have them in our homes, we have them in our communities. Granted this time of year where I live is not as popular to go on a road trip to visit the one we have in Camden, NJ, but I have been wanting to go.
If you think about it we are all living on one big giant fish bowl, and viewing each others lives through our blogs. We also have probably been swimming and taken a few underwater photos! My new phone has an app that allows me to take fish bowl photos (example: FX Cam App- photo of my son's friend on his computer above) A puddle, or even just a lonely beta or goldfish will suffice. Get creative, and I am sure whatever you all post will be nice! - Chef E

Topics list -

Please take a moment to look at the 'suggested topic' list on the left panel. I have entered the last topic suggestions that I received. (see z - z9) I will try to put them into a 'time' order later. Which means I will juggle them around so they don't repeat like topics to soon, one right after the other. There are some I like in particular but will try not to do my favorites first (lol!) - the ones you can count on the order are in the 'future topics' list assigned to dates through the end of February.

Also, I would like to have everyone consider their schedules for the next 6 or 8 months - I am calling for a volunteer to take my place in arranging the topics list and the 'member voice' posts. I have been doing it for quite some time and think that a fresh attitude - a fresh mind would help us keep up our enthusiasm. I can continue in this task if no one steps forward - but ask that you all think about it. Please don't volunteer if you think there might be time constraints in the coming months - this is not terribly time consuming like picking the spotlight photos every week is but it does make it harder on the rest of the town blogger team when responsibilities have to be shuffled too often. Comments and suggestions are welcomed.
(photo by GingerV - a thumbnail sized orchid )

Monday, February 1, 2010

Member Voice – Feb. 5 - Circles by Kerry


Doughnuts, tires, plums, and spots,

Drops of water, polka dots.

DSC_0294Cat’s eyes, toad’s skin

Pearls and pebbles, a golden ring.

Fawn’s back, Dalmatian paw

Windows, wheels, an old buzz saw.

Traffic circles, prayer circles,

Crop circles, semicircles

Winner’s circles.

Running in circles,

Breathing in circles.

These will all do

Just fine too.

Sit in your chair and take one shot

Or go outside and take a lot.


Have fun!


Permission to Use Photos

I need help, I cannot find the owner of this photo, and would like to use it again. Permission was given to use it for our 'Angel' banner at one time.

If you are the owner or remember who posted it around Dec 25rh, could you please email me:  

I have been to many sights searching for the My Town Blogger member, but cannot seem to find them!

As a reminder members- It is respectful to ask permission to use others photos. From time to time on OTHER sites I have seen people complain that there content was taken and used with out their permission. I also have seen getting it in writing, and keeping a copy of that permission email is a good thing. No one wants to infringe on copy right laws.

Thanks for your help!

Chef E